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Ms. Jacqueline Jones

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About Me

Jacqueline Jones, or Jackie is the fourth of nine siblings. She grew up extremely poor in the lower eastside of Detroit known as “Black Bottom.” She and her siblings were bullied by kids and adults because they did not have nice clothing and lived in a run-downhome.  Jackie’s dad worked in the foundry inhaling black dust all day long. Her mother stayed home and raised the children.  After paying the bills to keep a roof over their heads, there was very little left over for food. Many days, Jackie and her siblings went to bed hungry. Jackie was educated in the Detroit public school system.  After graduation, she was determined not to let her past define her future. Jackie pursued her education while working full-time and obtained an associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree, and master’s degree.  She was the first sibling in her family to achieve this success. Jackie has always been determined to be an entrepreneur. Over the years, she has had several successful businesses. In1997, Jackie was diagnosed with many health issues and most recently diabetes in 2012.  The symptoms associated with her illnesses resulted in hair loss, extremely dry skin, arthritis, etc.  Initially, Jackie tried using prescription and over-the-counter medications to address these symptoms.  However, these medications caused side effects and rarely produced any substantial results.  Instead of complaining, Jackie decided to find solutions to her health challenges. Out of necessity, she experimented with organic shea butters, essential and natural oils to grow her hair and gain relief from extremely dry feet, hands, and body.  The results that she achieved were outstanding.  Her hair began to grow back and the moisture in her skin was restored without any harmful side effects.  Jackie soon realized that she could help others without using harmful chemicals. To accomplish this, she created "Crystal Eikcaj™ Skin and Hair Care, LLC,(CESCH). Today Crystal Eikcaj™ enjoys customers of all ages, genders, ethnicities, and socio-economic backgrounds.  Crystal Eikcaj™ features 13 skin and haircare organic products that can be used by anyone who desires to moisturize their skin (i.e. face, hands, body, and feet) and pamper their hair with organic products.   Jackie continues to create new products and her motto is "Good products are created based on the people that they are for.”

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