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Dr. Jacque Colbert

(Co-Founder and Managing Member)

About Me

Jacque Colbert is a highly accomplished global human resource leader with over 25 years of success in HR and organizational leadership. Jacque’s background consists of end-to-end HR and various senior leadership roles at Google, VMware, ConocoPhillips, Dell Technologies, and T-Mobile. Today, she serves as senior managing director for Google’s strategy and innovation function. She is responsible for architecting and stewarding Google’s people strategy. Previously, Dr. Colbert served as the senior HR director for North America, covering 100k employees. Before joining Google, she held the position of senior HR director at VMware where she was responsible for architecting the global ‘Go to Market’ people strategy, talent acquisition, diversity/inclusion/belonging, progression, retention, manager, and leader effectiveness, M&A integration across various geo footprints, and people development.

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