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Ms. Irene Valenti


About Me

Irene understands that the more you have to offer, the harder it is to find that special partner. A multi-faceted leader with a solid track record in business which spans over three decades, Irene recognized the global need for a comfortable and alternative way for attractive, educated, cultured men and women to meet potential romantic companions. Relocating from Canada in 1990, she traded in Canada’s cold winters for the breathtaking sunshine and beauty of Rancho Santa Fe in Southern California. As an accomplished and highly regarded businesswoman for over 20 years in Canada, Irene gained plenty of experience as president of several successful family enterprises. She is experienced in the areas of high-profile management, marketing, and entertainment. In 2005, Irene created The Valenti Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit. The foundation was developed as a means to give back to the global community. The foundation’s mandate is to help the neediest and most vulnerable in our society. The Valenti world headquarters has been the venue for many fundraising events such as Father Joe’s Children’s Village and Ronald McDonald House, among others. Since its' creation, Irene has held fundraisers partnering with Valentino, Rolls Royce, and Chubby Checker, among many other high-profile individuals and companies. She also chooses to aid many worthwhile causes that are in line with the foundation’s mission. Her personal mission is to protect and encourage strong healthy relationships and to help humanity in general.

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