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Ms. Holly Perkins

(Fitness Instructor)

About Me

Holly Perkins earned a B.S. in Exercise Physiology from Pennsylvania State University and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. With 25 years of experience in health, fitness, and nutrition coaching, Holly was named one of the “Top Trainers to Follow” by Shape magazine. Holly is the expert source on women’s strength for numerous national publications and websites including Women’s Health, SELF, Shape, Prevention, Redbook, Men’s Fitness, LIVESTRONG, Buzzfeed, Oxygen, Fitness, and The Wall Street Journal. In 2015, Women’s Health tapped Holly to author “Lift To Get Lean,” a modern strength training bible for women. Her proven methods help women develop physical strength that translates into enhanced personal and spiritual strength. Holly’s clients include Karlie Kloss, Adrian Grenier, Howard Stern, Billy Crystal, Petra Ecclestone, Carole Radziwill, many professional athletes from the NHL and NFL, and even a presidential candidate. With a heavy education in biology, physiology, biomechanics, and kinesiology, Holly’s approach to body transformation is built upon a foundation of science. To age gracefully and avoid the health challenges and diseases that are so common, it’s imperative to engage in a consistent and comprehensive fitness and wellness program. Holly calls it a trifecta of body transformation, and it includes progressive resistance strength training, age prescribed cardiovascular training, and a nutritional approach that supports the above. She also incorporates principles of mindset and psychology in her work to ensure holistic transformation.

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