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Ms. Holly A. Coffee

(Business Owner)

About Me

Over the years I have been employed as an Executive Assistant for othercompanies. In 2012 after fighting breast cancer, I decided to open my own business,my husband and I purchased and remodeled an old DX gas station in Chapin, Iowafor my vintage & new home décor store called “Chapin Station”, in 2017 Iclosed the store after purchasing the 1921 City Hall Building in Sheffield,Iowa and started renovating it, which is now Block 10 at 1921 City Hall.  Afterpurchasing the historic 1921 City Memorial Hall building at an auction in 2015and doing renovations throughout, they opened Block 10 at 1921 City Hall in Aprilof 2017.  The building positioned on multiple lots and on block 10according to the deed is how they came up with the name. Thefive-story,12,000-square-foot building, now known as Block 10, offers a variety of coffee and beverages including lattes, cappuccino, chai tea, smoothies and frappes as well as delicious baked goods and made to orderbreakfast and lunch menu items such as I have been active in the Franklin County Communities withhelping revitalize historic buildings and turning them into decades of memoriesand preserving the history in small towns!   “It’s a preservation of history and in doingthat it’s a preservation of memories for people, itmeans a lot to me for people to relive those memories, hopefully thosememories get passed onto other generations. That means something to me”. 

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