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Ms. Heidi Daus


About Me

Heidi’s love of fine art, nature, and home décor is reflected in her designs. Each piece encompasses unique artistry and features stunning colors, geometric art deco influences and intricate attention to detail. Each carefully constructed Heidi Daus piece incorporates fine jewelry making techniques where only the clearest of Swarovski stones are used, including fine superior Italian chain and exquisite French wires. Each piece is lovingly hand set and finished in the Heidi Daus propriety luxurious bronze tone finish. Heidi’s signature style is reflected throughout the collection. She has garnered loyal dedicated support from adoring fans. Heidi welcomes all to enter her world of beautiful jewelry and hopes that each piece is treasured and worn with love. As she likes to say, “When a woman sparkles, the world sparkles with her.” Since the beginning, Heidi has been at the forefront of superior artistry of costume jewelry. She emerged as an Art Nouveau leader, and is recognized from glamorous, geometric Art Deco pieces and bold cocktail-style creations to her nature-inspired works of florals and critters. Heidi has broken new ground time and again with exceptional designs that remain relevant throughout time. She incorporates vintage inspired design and art deco styles into her unique breathtaking pieces that can be described as “wearable art.” Heidi has painstakingly developed a proprietary elegant bronze finish that she perfected throughout the years that finish each superior Heidi Daus piece.

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