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Miss. Frances Wonnacott

(Occupational Therapist)

About Me

My names is Frances Wonnacott. I was a (suppressed) Indigo Child. I am now an AWARE Indigo Adult. In typical matters, this implies I am an Empath. I am here on earth to serve not to be served as I was merely created in the early 1970s by The Creator The Holy Lord Father GOD. My passion is working with Empath Indigo girls and boys. I was forever changed at just 28 years old, when my father committed suicide. I’ve chosen to never marry plus never birth children as being a suicide plus abuse survivor makes both of these immense/important roles challenging. I love love LOVE children. I will do anything to empower empath children, and nearly everything to empower women, the superior gender. “Human Rights are Women's Rights.” In The MESSIAH The Lord Jesus Christ's Holiest of Holy Names Amen.

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