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Ms. Elizabeth Santiago


About Me

Elizabeth Santiago is an artist, baker and the owner of Exquisite Cake Art, based in The Bronx, New York City for over seven years. She studied at Katherine Gibbs for Fashion Marketing. Elizabeth has applied her artistic skills into her passion for baking which helps her create visually stunning, delectable works of art. The secret to her success is very simple – there are no shortcuts. Elizabeth takes pride in her creations. Every piece is handcrafted and made of the finest ingredients to ensure that every client receives not only the freshest cake but also a delicious one. She offers fully personalized services to fulfill her clients’ wishes and themes and provide them with the cake of their dreams. Elizabeth is recognized for her artistic vision, 3-D animation designs and broad imagination. Her approach is simple. She embraces challenges and never says “Never.” She enjoys creating novelty cakes that customers struggle to identify as a cake since it looks so much like a piece of art.

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