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Ms. Ekene A. "Kennie" Amaefule


About Me

Ekene Amaefule has been in the nursing arena for almost 25 years. She is the Founder of Caring Hearts International, which is a not for profit charitable organization dedicated to alleviating the healthcare and social services crisis in Eastern Nigeria. Some of their projects include medical missions, sending school materials to assist with teaching and learning, awarding scholarships to indigent students, sponsoring orphanages and food banks, and providing HIVAIDS awareness and health awareness education. Recently, she purchased land and has begun construction of a free medical clinic. This clinic will include a women's center where local women can learn to develop marketable skills. She has established micro loans for the youths in her native village in Nigeria to learn trades/skills and become entrepreneurs. During one of her visits to an orphanage she sponsors, she adopted twin Nigerian baby boys who had been abandoned. Her twin boys are flourishing and are fifteen years now. Kennie oversees the operations and efforts of the Organization. She served as the Nurse Manager of the Rehabilitation Department at the Puget Sound Veteran Administration Medical Center. She is currently the Senior Clinical Reviewer of the hospital, ensuring that our Veterans receive optimal care. She also reviews every death of Veterans in the hospital. As a social activist, Ms. Amaefule is a tireless leader in nursing in the global community. To decrease water-borne diseases, she spearheaded funding for the drilling of a new well in eastern Nigeria. In celebration of the new well, Amafuele was crowned honorary chief Ugochinyere l, "An Eagle from Above", making her the first woman to receive such royalty in her state. The governor of Imo State has recognized her contributions nationally.

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