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Ms. Denise S. Rossouw

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About Me

Denise Rossouw, founder of “Top Secret Haircessory,” has been applying her talents in the hairstyling industry for over 20 years. While perfecting her craft in Los Angeles, she developed a large celebrity clientele both on-screen and off. It was during this time that she developed her expertise in the art of hair extensions. Although hair extensions provided length, the extensions failed to provide fullness on top, where the hair is usually the thinnest and covering the extension with already thin hair proved to be a problem for many. The effort put into maintaining the hair extensions including the time and the cost proved to be a complaint with many of her clients. Denise’s goal of empowering women and men to feel confident about their looks led her to focus on a solution that could work for everybody and that led to the creation of the “Top Secret Haircessory.” What started as an idea became a phenomenon as Denise began to introduce the Top Secret Haircessory to her celebrity clientele while on various movies, theatrical and TV productions to an overwhelming response. As celebrity clients clamored for her product, she realized it was time to introduce her product to her traditional clientele. The success was immediate!

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