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I started my career as Medical Technologist, working in hospital laboratories in Connecticut, where I grew up. I quickly realized that there was so much more to the lab industry that I wanted to experience, so I spent over 3 years earning my MBA in the evenings while working in a Microbiology lab during the day, As soon as that degree was in my hand I landed a job down in Dallas, TX with a noted vendor of laboratory instrumentation. During those 7 years in Dallas I was fortunate to experience promotions in the industry - management role at a national reference lab, sales executive for a regional laboratory, management in a hospital lab, and finally with a small vendor of laboratory information systems. It was at this last job where I had that aha moment - lab computer systems really ARE at the root of delivering quality healthcare! I had recognized this during the journey in my young career, but it took this latest role to give me that catapult into the IT world. Since that time I’ve been fortunate enough to work for two of the largest Lab Information Systems (LIS) vendors in the world; run a hospital laboratory, and finally be the LIS Director at two large health systems in Massachusetts. Taking that journey through the lab industry in my early years clearly gave me the opportunity to know this industry inside and out, and that knowledge and experience is part of why I have always excelled in my career. However, I firmly believe there is more to success and power.... ....and that is honesty and integrity. If you can’t be honest with your employees and your leadership, you will never gain their trust. That trust feeds into your integrity - being proud of the work you do and the relationships you have with your employees, leadership and colleagues in the industry is true EmPOWERment!

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