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Ms. Crystal Lynn Privett

(Mental Healthcare)

About Me

Crystal is a renowned energy psychologist, mental health specialist and personal transformation coach that adores helping others raise their level of consciousness with the magnificent mind. She is absolutely enthralled to share her sincere passion through facilitating, training, and keynote speaking for a variety of individuals and businesses across the globe. Empowering men, women and teens across the world to grow their brains with their mind, so they can joyfully live their purpose daily is her greatest passion. People find their life purpose in a variety of ways… for her the battle was intense, but worth it. From fracturing her skull and rebuilding her jaw to breaking her ankle in four places at the start of her divorce and the pandemic. Her body and subconscious mind were trying to get her attention to re-direct her path. Our spirit can use people, places and situations to get our attention. Her lessons were painful, yet effective. Crystal had a plethora of health challenges, which she was able to overcome despite the negative prognosis from conventional medicine, relationships that needed upgrading and wanted to create financial success. She vowed to break free from any shackles holding her mind, body and soul back, by releasing the hidden and unacknowledged blocked, trapped subconscious emotions she had stuffed within her body her entire life. Our subconscious mind is formed mostly during the first seven years of your life, because the brain is naturally in the Theta brainwave state. This combined with the fact that the subconscious mind does not use time as a construct, so it believes past, present, and future are all operating on a fluid and quantum level. Crystal’s compassion as a coach and trainer comes with deep empathy and heart felt desire to see others turn their triggers into triumph like she did. The tools to reprogram the subconscious mind are validated by some of the most credible neurological scientists around… the possibilities are endless. We can all let go of the past and embrace a new future with only the best possibilities, so we can achieve sustainable joy. Imagine improving your golf swing, enhancing your personal and professional relationships, removing your annoying triggers, and helping your business get the the next level all in one session! Crystal believes that we too are just like crystals… we can either be broken from the pressure or born from it & the more facets we have the more we sparkle! You too are worthy and deserving of the support she provides and she explains so much of why you are the way you are that you gain a new level of self-perspective that allows you to open the door to more abundance in your personal and professional life. She created an innovative online course, Crystal Clear Mindset, to help others achieve supreme success by gaining insight into and enhancing twelve fundamental aspects of consciousness that balance your life. This revolutionary program will change your life forever! The convenience of this online course allows you to have support and transformation for the rest of your lifetime. The courses are very deep and profound and The Cycle of Consciousness tool allows you to track your progress along the way, as you improve every aspect of your life by hacking into your mind and rewiring it for ultimate prosperity. Imagine being able to convert anything that is bothering you from the convenience of your own home, and the beauty of this online program is you can continue to use it endlessly. The level of difficulty does progress, and you can start again from the beginning with new goals each time. Now, the tools and resources for you to be able to think, feel, act and react in a more positive manner can belong to you forever! Crystal is the author of five bestselling books Magdalene Rising, Jaguar Medicine, Sovereign, Isis Mother of Magic, and Magdalene Codes. All five of these books are charities that benefit women and children around the world with 100% of the proceeds going to Twice honored for being an impactful female presence in her community as a San Diego power woman by Discover Magazines. Her women empowerment efforts continue through helping serve many communities improve their mental health with joy. Crystal also utilizes pageantry as a platform to bring awareness to and resources to support the mental health of young girls, people in her community and around the world. She believes pushing herself to do things that challenge her, make her authentic, and proves that she is willing to take action to do things that are unique and important to her. Crystal has collaborated with the entire X-box division of Microsoft employees on how to reboot their mindset for supreme success. Helping them gain awareness into the subconscious mind, showing how it operates, and teaching ways to hack into an energized, purpose driven life that leave them feeling cherished and rejuvenated. Crystal also volunteers on her local PTA board, as the head of sparking joy through spirit wear and creating a special fundraising event to provide 800 students popsicles for free every Friday for a whole year. She had thousands of popsicles all donated and even raised additional money for the children’s events. Many of the kids have been struggling with their mental health, so she created this fun activity to enrich their lives and give them a reward for all their hard work.

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