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Ms. Charlotte L. Murphy


About Me

Char Murphy is an “encourager of women” inspiring author, motivational speaker, four-time breast cancer survivor, non-practicing attorney and founder of “BelieveInspire”. Char’s determination is second to none. As a single mom she put herself through law school at age 32. After 15 years of running a successful law firm she became ill and lost it everything but her son and her own life. After years of confusion, thinking she had lost her whole identity as a well-known attorney, Char learned what her true identity is. “I recreate myself each and every day as I ‘dig deep’ and unearth new learning about the real ME and discover more power within.” ~ Char Murphy Char’s passion and mission in life is and has always been, to empower and inspire women to know that they are more strong, beautiful, capable and powerful than they may not have ever realized.

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