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Ms. Charlotte Canion


About Me

Canion is a multifaceted miracle: mother, sister, mentor, friend and a grandmother. She was born in a small town in Arkansas and grew up in Texas, where everything is bigger than life, including Canion. She has bought and sold several businesses over the years, from a shop in a strip mall to managing twenty-five women in the spokes modeling industry. Canion recently retired from a large corporation, where she worked in the Event Planning Department. Never to be one to just sit around, she is now the CEO of a startup business, intent on selling a product she invented. Charlotte is a creative writer who has penned and published several stories and poems. Those who know Charlotte Canion view her as a go-to-person, an individual they can turn to whenever there is a problem that needs solving. One of Canion's passions is gardening, and as a certified Texas Master Gardener, she volunteers her time to teach gardening and has won many awards in the gardening arena and she is a Texas SuperStar Specialist. Canion is very active in her church and local community and has served on many boards and associations as a member and president. She has faced many challenges, including personal experience assisting her own parents with dementia, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease, while battling and overcoming cancer. You Have To Laugh To Keep From Crying is a project that has lingered in Charlotte's heart for many years. She is happy to share her experiences with the world and hopes that her stories might ease the pain that many will endure, tempering the most difficult times with laughter.

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