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Ms. Caroll Lee

(Health Advisor)

About Me

Provenance Meals founder & CEO Caroll Lee has an integral understanding of the healing benefits of clean, organic, sustainably-sourced nutrition. She also knows that in order for it to work, it has to be delicious. A certified holistic health coach, entrepreneur, mother, and busy New Yorker, she understands firsthand how difficult it can be to maintain a clean and nutritious diet daily. Caroll created Provenance to help you achieve your wellness goals, nourish your body, and replenish your spirit. Caroll’s passion for whole health was inspired by her mother and her Korean heritage. The meals created by Provenance channel the simple, wholesome ingredients that are the foundation for the Korean diet: a variety of vegetables, minimal red meat, fish, long-simmered broths, and foods that are rich in gut-friendly probiotic bacteria.

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