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Carol Williams was born in Montclair, New Jersey. She is a successful vocalist and songwriter who started performing disco songs in the 1970s. She was the first female artist signed to the disco label Salsoul Records. Carol worked with producer Vincent Montana, Jr. and the Salsoul Orchestra. "More" was one of Carol’s first records, and was very popular at a time when disco was just breaking into the mainstream. It is widely seen as an early disco classic. It was the first 12-inch commercial single that one could buy in stores globally. Carol's success at Salsoul put her in demand as a major disco act. She traveled the world performing at the major disco clubs like Studio 54 and Odyssey 2001. She appeared in many TV specials, like the legendary performance at Roseland with the Salsoul Orchestra, which was on television in 1977. She then signed with Roy B. Quality Records, a Canadian label, where she recorded a duet "Love Has Come My Way ,“ with singer producer Tony Valor in 1979. The song gained a lot of popularity in the disco scene, which led to her 1979 album “Reflections Of” which contained the disco classics "Tell The World" and "Dance the Night Away." Carol toured the world with these classics, performing with other stars like The Trammps, Thelma Houston, Village People, Tom Jones and James Brown. She even opened up for Ray Charles and worked with numerous Disco artists. Carol is still performing, doing shows at disco flashback concerts and she travels with her live band. Her songs are available on various Salsoul and Unidisc compilations.

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