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Mrs. Brynda E. Lattimore


About Me

Married For 32 years, I'm a mom, foster mom and grand mom. I have been in foster care for over 10 years and have fostered more than 15 children. I have recently become an e-commerce business owner of Shop Smart Think Smart which features kitchen products and Fone+Me which features mobile phones and mobile phone accessories. My favorite hobby is writing children's books , My first book was written in 2016 and is titled "The Lost Fedora." My latest book which should be published soon is titled "Mervin The Church Mouse." Children are my inspiration and I feel that their leadership is important because they are the future leaders of tomorrow. I encourage anyone with an idea or a dream to pursue it. Don't put your future off until tomorrow because tomorrow is not promised. Somewhere in this world is someone who can use your encouragement, your idea's, your promise and your support to help to kick off their dream. Let's be that person! Success begins with one thought, one idea, one dream...Make it happen!

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