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Mrs. Brittnee L. Crouell

(Business Owner)

About Me

For Brittnee Crouell, it means converting the unthinkable life changing traumas that can happen to you into resilience, determination, and unbreakable strength. In May of 2017, Brittnee was on her way to work when she was hit by a drunk driver and flown to University of Maryland Shock Trauma Hospital. Doctors worked grittily for hours to save Brittnee’s left arm which was severed from the elbow down and thankfully, they were successful by using a skin graft and nerves from her right leg. Brittnee knew she had a long road of recovery ahead of her, but she was grateful to be alive. Sadly, this life changing accident was not the end of tragic events for Brittnee that year. Three mounts after her accident , Brittnee then had to deal with the sudden death of her grandfather. Three weeks later, she also lost her Father, who she was extremely close with and while attending her father’s funeral, she learned that Uncle (her father’s brother) was due to pass away in the next couple of weeks from cancer. At this point, Brittnee felt defeated and every day was a fight to remain strong. Having to grieve while in constant nonstop/chronic physical pain and countless surgeries would cause anybody to feel those emotions but Brittnee was determined not to succumb to her hardships. With her husband incarcerated since 2010, in 2019 Brittnee founded the Double M Foundation which helps aid and support children and families with an incarcerated parent. Through this foundation Brittnee is not only able to give back to her community, but she is also able to let her story be an inspiration to others. Brittnee is also a high school cheerleading coach and is studying to become licensed as a social worker in the DC metropolitan area. Brittnee’s efforts to embrace even the bad in her journey will be the keys she uses to inspire and motive others to never succumb to their mistakes, failures, and hardships. Life will put you through trials and tribulations but if you embrace your efforts every step of the way, you will succeed in life. Your baby steps are pivotal to your journey!

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