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Ms. Barbara J. Williams


About Me

For more than 20 years, I have served patients in the healthcare field. In the beginning, I handled patient relations for Johns Hopkins Hospital. I was promoted a few times until I became regional manager for international patients. I provided marketing for patients from Bermuda, Israel, Canada, countries in Africa, Iran, Iraq and English-speaking Caribbean islands. While serving in international services, I scheduled patients, handled insurance authorization, booked travel and coordinated patient care. I feel I have come full circle because I now handle long-term care as a volunteer in the Johns Hopkins Caregivers program. While at Johns Hopkins, I was an ambassador and trained patients at the kiosks. I currently volunteer to help two families with long-term care assistance. Before I got into health care, I was a consultant for Ralph Lauren. I helped people feel better by providing them with information on fragrances. After I left Johns Hopkins, I was marketing for Health Markets. Now, I sell wellness products for Changing the Future Outcome. Visit to discover more about my wellness products and how they can help others. In my spare time, I am still helping people. I am a member of the Justices of Peace, National Notary Association, Augsburg Long-Term Care, COVID-19 Community Partners, Edgar Casey Group and S.C.O.R.E. I have been ordained a minister and offer outreach, grief assistance and other services to people who ask me for it. I am a member of Unity Christian International Church and servant to God. All of these experiences have led me to continue to help strengthen the fabric of goodwill that exists. With helping people with their health through Global Ambassador Services and Davison, I have received a patent for a product will make something that helps buildings that are not structurally capable of holding solar panels to be installed. While I love helping people with long-term care, caregiving and as a servant of God, I also enjoy gardening, reading, travel and crafts. In November 2022, I was honored by the Baltimore City Health Department's Aging and Care Services. I was given the award in recognition of the work I have done for loved ones and others at a luncheon at the Waxter Center in Baltimore as part of the National Care Givers Month festivities. City representatives, health officials and Call to Care representatives presented me with a certificate during the ceremony. A second ceremony took place at Martin's West in Baltimore County during New Year's Eve.

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