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Ms. Avalon Brown


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Avalon has over 40 years of experience in nursing. She recently retired as an infection control preventionist with University Hospital, Newark, New Jersey. During her first 18 years, Brown worked on a post-op GI/GU surgical floor. For the next 20 years, she worked in the field of dialysis.While working in the dialysis field, she held multiple titles. (Charge nurse, Anemia Manager, Kidney Transplant Designee, Infection Control Nurse, Vascular Access nurse, Urea Clearance nurse, and three years as a clinical manager.) “I find joy in comforting those in their time of need. While making sure her patients get the best care possible. “My goal is to spread as much love as possible,” said Brown.In addition to her nursing career, Avalon is a best selling author. And a co-author of six anthologies. With two children, seven grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren, she has written numerous books using her grandchildren as the characters, including “That Needle is Not for Me,” “Mommy, Why do I Have a Cold,” “My Dad & the Big Machine,” “Ben There’s a Mouse in the House,” and “The Church That I Love,” “Ja’Quay The Fearless Ant Leader.” “God, You Sent Us Those Birds” She hopes these books will serve as her legacy. Brown has also written “Avalon's Spiritual Poetry” and a memoir entitled “It Was the Devil All Along.” (Based on her nursing career). Avalon earned her L.P.N. from Essex County Tech in1983, her A.S.N. from Essex County College in 1992, and her B.S.N. from Regis University in 2017. She belongs to the American Nurses Association. After working for over four decades, Avalon retired on April 1, 2023. She will keep busy doing the things she loves, including outdoor activities, arts and crafts, writing books, and attending church.

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