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Passionate, outspoken, and wise, Areva Martin is an award-winning attorney, best-selling author, legal commentator, talk show host and television producer who has positioned herself as a critical voice for social justice and used her razor-sharp point of view to become America’s go-to advocate. Born and raised in North Saint Louis, Missouri, Areva’s grandmother stressed the importance of education at an early age. Upon graduating from the all-girls Catholic college preparatory institution, Rosati-Kain, Areva went on to attend the University of Chicago, where she graduated with honors before earning a law degree from Harvard Law School. After finishing her degrees, Areva relocated to California and married longtime love Ernest Martin. They started a family, and together, founded the Los Angeles based civil rights firm, Martin & Martin, LLP, where Areva gained a large clientele and following for her no-holds-barred brand of advocacy and her approach to blending her skillful legal expertise with basic common sense. As an attorney, she has been involved in a number of high-profile cases, and for the past five years, has been identified as a Southern California Super Lawyer, a designation reserved for the top 5 percent of attorneys in the state. Since starting her career, Areva has garnered many awards and honors, including L’Oreal Paris’ Women of Worth, the Los Angeles County Women of the Year Award, Ford’s Living Legend Award, the James Irvine Foundation Leadership Award and Union Bank’s Neighborhood Hero Award. Television executives soon took notice, and as an advocate for social justice, children’s, and women’s issues, as well as the underserved, Areva began booking appearances on various programs and talk shows. Her candid commentary on a range of topics from celebrity news, pop culture, race, politics, the law and breaking news, brought the spotlight to her ability to captivate audiences through her active and intentional mission of raising awareness around critical matters and being a champion for the less fortunate. Recognized as one of the nation’s leading advocates for autism, Areva is the author of an Amazon bestselling book, “The Everyday Advocate: Standing Up for Your Child with Autism and Other Special Needs.” After her son’s diagnosis with autism, she created Special Needs Network, Inc., California’s premier autism advocacy organization. Having raised millions of dollars for autism and disability-related causes, Areva has played a leadership role in advocating for state and federal laws to eliminate disparities in state funding for individuals with disabilities. Areva’s third book, “Make It Rain: How to Use the Media to Revolutionize Your Business and Brand” was released and instantly soared to the top of Amazon, Nielsen, Publishers’ Weekly and Barnes & Noble bestsellers’ lists. In “Make It Rain,” Areva shares insider’s tips on how to find your authentic voice, amplify it, and use it to grow your influence and power. A quotable authority on workplace, disability rights, education, and custody issues, Areva has also been featured in numerous publications, including RedBook, The Huffington Post and Essence. As a syndicated columnist, she regularly writes for, Daily Beast, Thrive Global and Time.Motto, where you can find her monthly column, “Sexist Laws Explained.” A mother, wife, attorney, advocate, educator, and television personality, Areva redefines success by personifying the notion that women can have it all. An audience favorite on a long list of television’s most illustrious and judicious programs, including “Dr. Phil,” “The Doctors,” and ABC’s “World News Tonight,” Areva also co-hosted “Face The Truth,” the celebrated syndicated daytime talk show on CBS. As an influential voice for the country, she is also a CNN legal analyst, making her a regular on “Good Morning America,” “Daily Mail TV” and various talk and news shows across CNN and HLN. Areva resides in Los Angeles with her family.

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