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Ms. Amber Dawn Orton

(Fitness Instructor)

About Me

Amber Dawn Orton is a mother and accomplished fitness industry professional who is passionate about leading an authentically healthy lifestyle. She has a B.S. in Business with a focus on Finance and a B.S. in Economics. Amber transitioned to full time personal training after beginning her bodybuilding career in 2010. She graced the cover of multiple national fitness magazines and competed at the national level in bikini bodybuilding. At that time she immersed herself into every facet of the fitness industry. After extensive misguided nutrition and training advice throughout her competition preps, she was left with an unhealthy relationship with food and a damaged endocrine system. Her real passion developed through helping herself and others reach their fitness goals in a healthy and sustainable way. Through proper nutrition and balanced exercise she began healing and restoring her body to a healthy state. It was then she realized there was a true strategy to balance in reaching your health and fitness goals that could and would last a lifetime. This is when she created her first business, ADOFitness. Amber learned a lot along the way and started teaching her methods of true sustainable dieting to other coaches who had a similar past, passion and philosophy, eventually creating a team with similar views. The current team shares the idea that true health starts at the cellular level and advocates long term sustainable dieting methods. Amber is now the mother of two children, owns a large ranch in Texas with her soulmate, operates and runs five different businesses (Protea Nutrition, RIYAN, Protea-M, ADOFitness, ADObands and the ADOChallenge) and is an entrepreneur, author, social media influencer, and fitness expert.

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