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Ms. Alicia D. White

(Business Owner)

About Me

I am a single mother of 2 daughters and a son; grandmother of 1 boy. I write poetry as a hobby and hopefully I will publish a book soon. I’m the oldest of my mother’s 3 and the baby of my father’s 3. I have overcome many battles in my life that ranges from addiction, the police killing my child’s father to homelessness. In 2019, I had lost my job and significant other left me to be with someone else. I lived 6 months in a Dodge Caravan with my kids. After moving into my current apartment and van being repossessed, I had a hard time finding a job. So I started selling cosmetics for a well known company but wasn’t really making any sales. My cousin called and explained to me why I wasn’t making any sales and suggested that I should start my own business. Here I am, 2 yrs later, and the first in my family to be federally trademark as a brand. Things are very slow but my dad said “Slow money is better than no money”. Making these candles have become a coping skill for my anxiety and depression, also for my racing mind. 

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