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Ms. Alice Yancy Teague

(Political Strategist)

About Me

Alice was born in Chicago and currently resides in Atlanta Georgia. She is a member of Stone Crest Church of Christ in McDonough, GA. Alice has over 14 years of experience in the public eye and governmental sectors. She worked for the V.A. Hospital in Chicago. Her family’s background was involved in the political arena. Alice is currently involved in her community as a community organizer and working with civil right's issues. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice with a concentration in Homeland Security (F.B.I.) at Strayer University in 2016. She is continuing her education, working on her Master’s degree in Public Administration and, J.D. in Law. Alice has gained excellent recognition and working knowledge of administrative responsibilities. She is focused on current political issues on the local and state levels. Alice currently holds the position as chairperson for (N.A.N) National Action Network in Newton County, GA, an organization that fights for the rights of justice and equal opportunities for all people regardless of their citizenship, criminal record, demographics, economic status, ethnicity, gender, race and religion. Alice is the founder of Bridging Together an organization designed for the support of the homeless. She is a member of the Rainbow Push Coalition, founded by Rev. Jessie Jackson and Sr. George Chapter. She is the founder of The Women of Color Organization for women with breast cancer in Newton County. Alice is a breast cancer survivor and has passion and understanding of what women experiencing during their difficult journey. She wrote her first book "You Are What You Eat" in 2010.

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