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Ms. Alberta S. Cotner


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I believe in never giving up... You never know what tomorrow may hold! As a small child, our family traveled all over the United States, as my dad chased his dream of being Country Western singer. As a child I made up stories about the places we visited and the people we met. My parents eventually divorced and my mother took me back to her home state of Texas. I grew to love many things... including my love of horses, dogs, boots and wide open spaces. Even at an early age I was driven. I really caught the writing bug when I took a creative writing course in high school. I was always organized and a perfectionist, sometimes to a fault. I believe that came from my mom, which was really helpful when I enlisted in the United States Navy. I enlisted primarily to be a welder and firefighter, because at that time there weren’t many women in those roles. However, I did not limit myself and was lucky enough to have filled many varied roles before my untimely exit from the Navy. As my Naval career came to a halt due to a serious accident, it led me to re-evaluate my life. As a result it brought me back to the Midwest where my life was forever changed. I've lived through many of life's most challenging trials. I thought fighting cancer was a major life hurdle... but losing my son brought me to my knees. After losing my son, I again reflected on my life and the path I was on. It made me really open my heart and mind... as well as guiding me to work with others who needed help. That helped me realize that I was meant to put myself out into the world more. To share my experiences and the attitude I have always had and what has gotten me through life on my toughest days...“NEVER GIVE UP”. I again started journaling after my son's passing and found my passion for writing. It lit my soul on fire as if my son was blowing on the flames from heaven. With the loss of my son, I was lost for many different reasons. Therefore I thought it was time to find a companion and after some research I decided on a Mini Australian Shepherd. Levi is a bright light in my life in so many different ways. Levi and I visit a local elderly home as often as we can. He brings joy to so many wonderful people. We also read various stories to many of them and share our life stories. My current work is regarding obstacles faced in life, due to be published in 2020. A true testament of what it means to never give up!

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