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Ms. Adrienne Provent

(Massage Therapist)

About Me

     I am enjoying the journey of never-ending growth. Healing and transformation is at the base of purpose. Learning magical tools through each detour to take healing to new levels through amazing energy meant to dig to the core and release the deep rooted beliefs that hold us back. I have been adding to my Shaman's Bags of Magic since I can remember, massage since the age of 16, with a diverse range of direct care and support services, both animal and human, a natural incorporation of life until massage came as a way of life full time in 2013. As a single mom with a 8 and 2-year old, having a flexible schedule while raising my children and finishing my education was important and mobile massage was the perfect solution. This grew into opening Embracing One Soul at a Time, an office, not only that my children could be there whenever I needed, but other single parents could bring their child when they were desperate for a massage. Embracing One Soul at a Time changed back to mobile in August 2019 after the challenge of running a business full time while attending medical school. As of March 2021, Embracing One Soul at a Time was dissolved. My services are on a very selective schedule service those in Connecticut, Florida, or Maine. Massage is taking a backseat for the time being, a sabbatical of healing within before I set back out on the trek. There is a lot of work to do. The infinite cycle of expansion and contraction working Divine Magic with hesitation of surrender, persistence on cue, offering the gift of some mega stamina for the work necessary to be done, in all of its forms. The world is full of magic, FULL of it. When we look for change on the outside, we must dig deeper on the inside and bring our magic to the surface, embracing your soul to birth the ripple of love you know is possible.

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