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Ms. Abby Engelman


About Me

Abby is our transaction ninja. You probably won’t ever see her, but you will see her email reminders! She facilitates the paperwork side of things and making sure every part of the transaction runs like a well oiled machine. She streamlines the process for both our agents and our clients, and brings added support where needed. She’s level headed, thorough, and constantly looking to grow, and we love the fresh perspective and balance she brings to our team. A genuine love for helping people is at the center of all Abby does. From behind the scenes document management, to communicating with clients, to offering support even after a client has closed, it’s her goal to help people’s dreams of home ownership come true, and make lives easier throughout the process. You can always find Abby looking for the next thing to get involved with, whether that’s a Central Iowa Dog Moms Meetup or her intramural volleyball team. She loves being a part of the community she’s in,or creating her own through her health and wellness mentorships. She doesn’t like to sit still, and loves connecting with people.

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