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Ms. Abbey LeVine

(Marketing/Advertising Specialist)

About Me

Abbey LeVine has identified trends, talent and influencers for television, digital channels and social media for over two decades all over the world. She is a creative executive, lauded for her outstanding ability to understand the storytelling vision of the brand or network and deliver messaging that connects to audiences. Abbey’s work has be seen on all the major networks: ABC, CBS, Fox, CW, PBS as well as A&E, Lifetime, ITV, TLC, VH1, MTV and Fox Japan. She has directed everyone from Lady Gaga to Nicole Kidman to “real people” on 5 continents and 41 states. Her specialty is launching ideas into internationally recognized, long running, profitable programs and campaigns. She is dedicated as much to the experience of the production as she is a refined, stylish and layered program. As a partner in Swirl Studios, Abbey is enthusiastic to help brands reveal stories with integrity, humanity and compassion and empowers women as often as possible on all productions. She is a member of the Directors Guild of America and the International Documentary Association and is active in the Non-Fiction division of the Television Academy of Arts and Sciences. LeVine has been nominated for both Emmy and Prism Awards.

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