Guiding light Master Class

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Guiding light Master Class

Posted By: Olivia Cream

Guiding Light 60 minutes self guided learning program led by Olivia Grant Cream. It is a program for women who are career professionals looking to thrive in their current career. You are not sure how and need the help to structure the choices you have: ask for a raise, ask for a promotion or whatever that career success you are envisioning for yourself.

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This is a 60 minute self learning program for women and career professionals seeking to accelerate their career. You are somebody who is committed to hitting your goals with integrity and a true concern for your well-being. You have demonstrated success and are ready to take control of your career to the next level. Most importantly, you know what got here you won’t get you to that next level, so you are ready to level up.

In this 60 minute guided session Olivia will walk you through just HOW you can achieve this to get you started on your journey. It is the initial roadmap you need to achieve clarity, focus and steps to start taking action to OWNing your career north star!

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