Create Financial Stability for Your Business

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Create Financial Stability for Your Business

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Attn: Six Figure Business Women! Join Elena Korsakova, CPA as she shares valuable tips and strategies with you in a three-day special training “Create Financial Stability for Your Business” February 23-25, 2021 at 11am PST. Filled with practical guidance, this discussion will arm and equip you on how to keep your business finance secure even amidst these challenging times.

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How are you navigating these unstable financial times in your business?

It has been intensely Chaotic for many owners, you may have lost control of various aspects of your business and had to restructure, find financial assistance, or even temporarily lay off team members. I’m here for you!

I wanted to share some of my Smart Money™ CEO tools that will help you Rise even more from the Chaos! The first powerful tool will help you take control, get re-organized and stay on top of financial matters so you or your family can easily respond to unforeseen circumstances.

As a Finance Mentor & Virtual CFO, I’ve heard from many who are ‘Relieved’ they have made it through challenging, exhausting, and even expensive ‘Big Pivots’ to keep their businesses alive during this time. They have profit coming in from their launches or are on the Verge of it!

I want to celebrate you no matter where you are in your business journey. It is an incredible achievement to still be in business and what WE DO NEXT is absolutely Critical to Ensure your Business will be able to Keep Going Strong as We Move through a Recession!

That’s why I created my upcoming Special FREE 3 Day Virtual Live Training for women business owners: Create Business Financial Stability

It starts next week, February 23 - 25th @ 11am Pacific, SAVE THE DATES

Over these days you will Rise Even More from the Chaos & Create Your Next Level Business Financial Stability Plan. 

Receive Expert Guidance and More Tools to Help you in These Critical Ways…

Day 1 => Reclaim Your Financial SOVEREIGNTY

Day 2=> Stabilize Your CASH FLOW

Day 3=> Build a Structure for SUSTAINABILITY

=> Walk away with a comprehensive list of action steps feeling confident and energized with new possibilities.

Plus… Prizes Will be Given Daily!

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